Guess Who Is Selling Anti-Rich Sweatshirts That Only Rich People Can Afford

Just when you think the Democrats couldn’t possibly get any more hypocritical, we get one exceptionally dumb Democrat taking proving that her ideology is just a cascade.

It’s either that or it’s that she has no idea what socialism and/capitalism really are.

The fact that socialist leftism has become a capitalist commodity represents yet another Democrat irony. All you’ve got to do is look no further than Che Guevara T-shirts or Guy Fawkes masks that we so often see. Are the proceeds from these being redistributed to the poor? We bet not.

Enter Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the most prominent socialist voice outside Bernie Sanders ringing out in the country today. Naturally, she makes around $174,000 a year and is on her way to capitalizing fully on her fame – she’s projected to become a millionaire by 2028.

Believe it or not, the young Congresswoman from New York is actually selling merchandise! That’s right!

On her official website, fans of AOC can buy “Green New Deal” posters, “Social, Economic and Racial Justice” mugs, and – wait for it – expensive “Tax the Rich” sweatshirts.

These sweatshirts cost $65. Realistically, what person struggling for money in the midst of Covid-19 would spend $65 to make a social statement when they could be buying groceries?

The only ones who will be able to reasonably afford these sweatshirts are well-off people, whether they’ve made money themselves or are college students wasting their parents’ money.

Here we have another clear instance of that strange point where “socialism” becomes capitalism and begins appealing to the hipster “bourgeoisie.” Get ready for a young person sipping their Starbucks coffee to pontificate on why all your hard work should go to the government.

AOC and her “comrades” may want to take a look in the mirror and/or look up the phrase “cognitive dissonance” before they start preaching about the “evils” of capitalism.

The most updated price I’ve seen since writing this article has been that they are only $58 now.

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