Guess What Duo Just Teamed Up to Take President Trump Down in 2020

With the Democrats running out of ideas and running out of time, they are desperate to take down President Trump. Little do they know that nothing is going to stop the Trump train. But that's not going to let House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slow her down.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and boy is Nancy Pelosi desperate. So desperate in fact, that she's recruited former President Barack Obama in one final attempt to take down the President by starting a “unity” movement.

The stated goal of the movement is to “Defeat Donald Trump and his Republican enablers,” or as it should better be worded, "Defeat anyone who disagrees with us, because we know we're right because we said so."

This, my friends, is not unifying, it's defying and destructive.

Fresh off the House's impeachment vote of the president, Pelosi has penned a fundraising letter for the Democratic Unity Fund that aims to raise millions to defeat Trump, maintain Democratic control of the House, and turn the Republican Senate blue.

“We all know what’s at stake in this election. Right now, we have a president who clearly has no respect for our Constitution, our democracy, or the rule of law. Every day he makes more false promises while his policies continue to hurt hardworking Americans in every corner of our country. We simply cannot afford four more years of a Donald Trump presidency,” she penned.

“That’s why President Obama and I are proud to work with the DNC to ensure that our future nominee and Democratic candidates running for every level of office have the resources they will need to win back the White House, flip the Senate, and hold our valuable House majority,” she added. (Examiner)

The RNC and the Trump campaign have brought in a ton of money, even compared to the Democrats it still is a ton. Overall, they raised over $300 million and had over $100 million cash on hand.

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