Guess What Climate Change Snowflakes Are Blaming For Global Warming Now

Liberals, and especially climate change activists are constantly looking to blame anyone and everyone for their own problems, or really any problems in the world. It's laughable who they're now blaming for climate change.

A recent (biased) study suggested that staying at home for a little Netflix and chill is to blame for climate change. But not just Netflix, that goes for Hulu,  and Amazon Prime Video.

Have you ever heard that saying "You can't have nothing nice'"? This is what they were talking about. Really though, driving my car somewhere is causing global warming, and eating beef is causing global warming, and now sitting at home and doing nothing except watching tv is causing global warming, what are people supposed to do nowadays?

However, we know that all this climate change garbage is a myth. Therefore, we should just do what we want since humans are not really causing extreme climate change.

According to The New York Post,

Climate scientists are railing against streaming TV and movie services, which they’re calling “a waste of resources at all levels.”

Researchers estimate that watching a half-hour show via an on-demand video app emits 1.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the environment — the equivalent of driving almost 4 miles, according to Maxime Efoui-Hess of Paris-based nonprofit the Shift Project.

The study reports that while 34 percent of traffic goes to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, the second-leading source comes from web porn.

The main energy drain comes out of streaming services’ servers. They contribute about 0.3 percent of all carbon emissions, according to Nature Research.

Did you catch all that? Even online porn is causing climate change. Maybe it's the heat from the friction? I would imagine YouTube is also at fault since they are one of the largest providers of online videos.