GRAPHIC PHOTOS of Jeffrey Epstein Released After His Death and Autopsy – Doesn't Look Like Suicide!

After waiting what seems like forever, we finally have photos of Jeffrey Epstein from shortly after his death where we can now see his prison cell and his body and the way things look, it still doesn't look like suicide.

Ian Miles Cheong had the following to say about the photos:

"New autopsy photos obtained by 60 Minutes were taken by the NYC medical examiner's office after Epstein reportedly killed himself. The marks on his neck show two separate tracks of bruising. Figure that out.

Dr. Michael Baden, who was hired by Epstein's brother to investigate his death, believes that forensic evidence points to murder, not suicide, and that the official ruling was "premature."

He points out that the noose has no blood on it despite the wound in the autopsy photo.

Further damage on his body includes contusions on both wrists, muscle hemorrhaging on his shoulder, abrasion on his left arm, a cut on his lip, and burst capillaries on his face, mouth and eyes. Defensive wounds.

Epstein was strangled to death with a wire—he didn't kill himself."

To view all the photos, go here.

Last year world renounced forensic pathologist Dr. Baden sat down with Judge Jeanine and explained why it could not have been suicide.

Judge Jeanine: Now I want to be real clear. I want the viewers to understand. I’ve tried these intentional strangulation cases too. The breaking of the hyoid bone, the fracture of the two Thyroid cartilage, that means serious force on the neck. That you don’t normally get in a hanging. Especially in a hanging. I want the next screen guys. Here’s a bunk bed. The height is 5’6″. On his knees Epstein is 4′ tall. You now have been able to identify that the tie is right there (around 3′ 6″).

Dr. Baden: The ligature is tied up here (3’6″) but it’s down to the floor as far as the body goes. So there’s not enough force there to cause ANY fracture.

Judge Jeanine: Any fracture at all, let alone these fractures?

Dr. Baden: Right.