Governor Bans Residents from Going to Their Vacation Properties in State, Gets Caught Sending Family to Personal Summer Home

Potential Vice Presidente pick for Joe Biden and tyrant of the north, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been issuing arbitrary rules left and right. Most of them have no rhyme or reason, and even if they do, those reasons don't pertain to her.

One of the orders she put in place was a ban on all travel within the state to vacation or second homes.

This was eventually lifted but has still been discouraged as Gov. Whitmer basically begged residents not to go to their vacation homes.

What's ironic is that she seems to not be heeding her own advice as there were multiple vehicles parked outside her summer retreat. I guess the rules just simply don't apply to Governor Whitmer.

A photo was taken by radio hose Randy Bishop showing several vehicles at Governor Whitmer's summer home near Birch Lake, Michigan.

Evidently Gov. Whitmer's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive orders DON'T apply to HER family!!! Two (2) vehicles at her…

Posted by Randy Bishop on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Some people have said this photo is old.

I actually took the time to look up the metadate and it does show that the photo is dated for 2009. But that could just as well be that the owner of the camera never set the date or it wasn't set properly.

Whitmer's office issued a response, "This is completely false information," a spokeswoman said in an email. "Posts like these are being spread across social media platforms to create rumors and fear."

See this is suspicious though. What normal people do when they're being truthful and denying something is they explain why the allegation is false. It's not enough to just say, "No, you're wrong. Goodbye."

If she was being honest about the whole thing, she would have explained what those cars were doing there and whose they were.

However, we know who at least one of the vehicles belongs to. Based on a search, the vehicle belongs to Marc Mallory.

So who is Marc Mallory? That's the husband of Governor Whitmer. So it looks like her and her family are above the law in Michigan.

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