kevin mccarthy demands apology from nancy pelosi

GOP Leader Says Impeachment Delay May Be Effort to Rig Democratic Primaries for This Candidate

Remember the Democratic primary race back in 2016? It was between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and ultimately, of course, Hillary won the nomination.

However, it wasn’t long after that we started learning about how Clinton and the Democratic National Convention actually rigged the whole thing in order for her to win the nomination over Sanders.

We know that she was given the questions ahead of time before the debate with Sanders so she could rehearse her responses. Clinton also ended up buying her way into the spot.

Thankfully, Wikileaks exposed it, but our government is so corrupt that they don’t even care.

But now, some are wondering if it’s about to happen again.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy believes that Bernie Sanders is going to be cheated again and all as a result of Nancy Pelosi’s antics in withholding the articles of impeachment.

Breitbart reported, McCarthy suggested during an appearance on Sunday Morning Futures that the speaker’s decision to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate may have been more strategic than Democrats have indicated, involving the Democrat primary race.

If Pelosi releases the articles this week, as she has indicated to her caucus, the Senate trial’s kickoff would coincide with the upcoming Iowa caucus, which will compromise several senators’ ability to campaign in the Hawkeye State, thereby giving a clear advantage to more “moderate” candidates like Joe Biden (D) and Pete Buttigieg (D).

McCarthy said: Remember what happened in the last nomination process, where the DNC chairman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, had to resign the night before the nomination convention started because they had found out they had cheated Senator Bernie Sanders from the opportunity to become the nominee.

“The Iowa caucus is on February third,” he continued. “Bernie Sanders is in first place and what this does is benefit Joe Biden.”

Just think, the Democrats in the Senate are going to have to miss the Iowa caucus and campaigning ahead of the caucus because they will have to focus completely on the impeachment, which will give Biden and Buttigieg a leg up.