Google and YouTube Took Down Over 300 Ads From This Presidential Candidate

When it comes to running online ads, there are a few big-name players where most advertising dollars are spent. Those are Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube.

Twitter made the decision to not allow any political ads on their platform and I don't really blame them. With all the drama involving Facebook ads recently, Jack Dorsey probably decided that it's just best to stay out of it, at least for now until there can be some better guidelines developed for managing political ads.

Google and YouTube (which is owned by Google), and Facebook, on the other hand, are going to continue running political ads, but on the negative side, they have a huge bias towards liberals.

60 Minutes recently learned that over 300 ads for President Trump's re-election campaign have been taken down by Google and YouTube for "violating company policies".

As someone who is involved in social media marketing, I can tell you that this is a load of garbage. That is their default way of generically disapproving an ad if they disagree with it.

According to Townhall,

During an interview with 60 Minutes, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was asked to respond to conservative critics who say YouTube discriminates against content creators with a conservative viewpoint.

"Well, first of all," Wojcicki began, "there are lots of very successful conservative creators on YouTube… Our systems, our algorithms, they don't have any concept of understanding what's a Democrat, what's a Republican. They don't have any concept of political bias built into them in any way. And we do hear this criticism from all sides. We also have people who come from more liberal backgrounds who complain about discrimination. And so I think that no matter who you are, we are trying to enforce our policies in a consistent way for everybody."

May we see YouTube's algorithm to confirm what she is saying? Of course not.

Here's the truth of the matter, these big tech companies hate Donald Trump and they want to do whatever they can to try and prevent him from being reelected.