Gay Rights Activist Who Raised $500,000 for Obama Indicted for 'Sexually Abusing 15-Year-Old Boy' At Hotel

Terry Bean, who is a prominent gay rights activist, has been indicted on charges from an incident back in 2013 involving a 15-year-old boy.

The charges that were brought against him were 2 counts of sodomy and 1 count of sexual abuse.

According to Daily Mail,

A high profile gay rights activist and Democrat fundraiser has been charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy with his boyfriend.

Terry Bean, 66, co-founded two of the biggest national campaign groups and raised more than $500,000 for Barack Obama's 2012 re-election bid.

He was arrested at his home in southwest Portland on Wednesday and indicted with two counts of third-degree sodomy and one count of third-degree sex abuse.

From here, the story takes an odd turn. The Willamette Week reported,

As the case proceeded to trial, Bean reportedly offered the alleged underage victim $220,000 to accept a civil compromise—a type of alternative resolution to a criminal charge. But the trial judge refused to accept the civil compromise. Trial was set for August 11, 2015.

But weeks before the trial, the alleged victim simply disappeared. The trial was postponed but when the alleged victim surfaced, he refused to testify. Charges against Bean were dismissed, without prejudice, on Sept. 1, 2015. That meant the charges could be reinstated in the future, should circumstances change.

And now that is exactly what happened, yet Bean has maintained his claim of innocence to this day.

"I was falsely accused and completely innocent of every accusation that was made," Bean said then. "I look forward to being able to tell the story of this conspiracy of lies, deceit, blackmail, malicious prosecution and homophobia now that this case has ended."

Bean and his alleged victim may now get their days in court. On Jan. 4, A Lane County grand jury voted to re-indict Bean on the same charges. It is unclear what prompted the change in circumstances, however, the alleged victim recently filed a complaint with the Oregon State Bar, saying that the lawyer who represented him in the Bean case, Lori Deveny, never gave the alleged victim a $220,000 settlement that Bean apparently did pay. Deveny was the subject of this week's cover story. (WW)