Furious Father Confronts School Board After Giving 7-year-old Son Flyer Promoting Free Condoms and Birth Control

If you're not convinced yet that the public school system is out to brainwash and indoctrinate your children, let this be more evidence to add to the massive pile.

A Tennessee elementary school passed out a flyer to students at the school promoting a clinic that was going to be discussing and giving away "free birth control, pregnancy services, IUDs, pills, and even condoms!

Richard Penkoski who is the father of a 7-year-old boy at the school was enraged after his son brought home one of the flyers. Penkoski decided to go before the school board to give them an earful.

Penkoski told the school board, “What is more, exactly? And why was this given to my 7-year-old? Since when is it the school’s job to give information to my child about birth control? When did the public schools decide they can teach my child issues regarding morality and sex?”

“I know liberals on this council, specifically, will say something like, ‘Well, schools teach reproduction.’ You are right. They do teach biological facts in regard to reproduction. This flyer is not talking about reproduction. It teaches birth control. I also can’t help but notice that abstinence is not on this list.”

“The public schools think they have the right to usurp my authority as their father. This school does not have that right.”

According to Christian Post,

Richard Penkoski, a Christian activist who runs the online ministry Warriors for Christ and regularly protests against Drag Queen Story Hour events at public libraries nationwide, spoke out Thursday during a school board meeting in Sullivan County about a flyer that his 7-year-old son brought home last week from his second grade class at the Mary Hughes School in Piney Flats.

The flyer in question promoted an event at the Appalachian Fairgrounds in Gray hosted by the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps. The event was slated to be held from Nov. 1 to Nov. 3.

While one side of the flyer offered free dental, medical and vision services, the other side of the flyer advertised in big, bold letters “free birth control and pre-pregnancy services.”

Among other things, the flyer promoted free “implants, [intrauterine devices], pills, condoms and more.”