Former WWE Star Confesses to Killing a Man as a Teenager, ‘That Was the Very First Time I Made a Man Disappear’

If you grew up as a fan of wrestling, or even if you didn’t, this is going to probably hit you hard because it’s quite shocking.

Former WWE star Marty Jannetty essentially confessed to killing a man who tried to molest him when he was a teenager.

Marty Jannetty posted on Facebook that beat a man who was trying to rape him with a brick which ultimately led to his death.

Jannetty posted this on Facebook,

“I never told no one this, even my brother Geno .. cause Geno would have killed him, and I didn’t want my brother gone .. hell he’d only recently came home from Vietnam .. I was 13, Working at Victory Lanes bowling alley buying weed from a f** that worked there .. and he put his hands on me .. he dragged me around to the back of the building .. you already know what he was gonna try to do ..

That was the very first time I made a man disappear .. they never found him .. they shoulda looked in the Chattahoochie River .. but Winnie (the girl in these pics) I likes you so damn much, probably my favorite .. but I promised myself way back then, nobody would ever hurt me again .. that includes you .. I loved you but you hurt me with your f***ing Jamaican jealousy .. you can go your own way, I don’t need you ..”

Jannetty continued, alleging that the “big” man dragged him to the rear of the bowling alley by his hair and attempted to remove Jannetty’s pants. He said, “He got me back there and he threw me on the ground, and remember, I’m 13 and this is a big ’ol boy … I probably don’t need to say this, but there was a brick laying there. What I said in my Facebook post, I’m not gonna lie about nothing. Man, what do you do when you’re 13? … I was scared. I won’t lie; I was scared … I can’t say he deserved to be [killed] — I didn’t say I killed him. I can’t say he deserved to die, but he deserved to get his a** beat. And when I was beating him in the head with a brick, I was only trying to beat his a**. I wasn’t trying to kill him.”

“Can you imagine dragging a guy — he’s just tried to f*** you in the a** — can you imagine dragging him to the river and throwing him in?” Jannetty said. “And then finding out on the news this guy’s missing? You know the dude. And you know more than that. That f***ing affected me bad, bro … It hurt me and I made my mind up that day: nobody would ever hurt me again.”

In the interview, he says that he only said he made him disappear, not that he killed him. If that were the case, then why would he say that they never found him and that the should have looked in the river? That must be where he is, otherwise there would be no point in looking there.

It really is hard to feel sorry for someone who dies who is a child molester. I would definitely be interested in hearing more about what happened.

New York Post

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