Former Minneapolis Officer's Lawyer Tries to Blame Innocent Bystanders Who Witnessed Murder for George Floyd's Death

One of the officers who has been charged with aiding and abetting in the murder of George Floyd is really trying to weasel his way out of this.His attorney is trying to claim that the citizens now!The attorney's claim is that those who were there should have intervened and stopped Derek Chauvin from keeping his knee on Floyd's neck. I've always heard lawyers were scum, I'm sure not all of them are, but this one certainly is.

I'd argue back that the officer should have been the one to do it because anyone else would likely have been shot.

This ridiculous argument is going to backfire in court.

Earl Gray, the lawyer for fired officer and current defendant Thomas Lane appeared on CNN Monday night and told Chris Cuomo that if the bystanders were so outraged they should have done something and stepped in.

Cuomo was taken aback by the notion that bystanders would intervene against four armed police officers.

In so many words what Gray is conceding is that there was clearly excessive force, otherwise, why would he advocate for a civilian to intervene?

Since there is clear excessive force, as shown in the video, Gray's client would have a greater duty that any civilian to stop it being an officer of the law. Lane should have yanked Derek Chavin off of George Floyd as soon as he saw the initial use of excessive force and that is precisely the reason why he is being charged.

George Floyd's murder has triggered a lot of change in the country, but clearly it has not changed the way cops continue to defend themselves and each other against brutality claims.

The notion that average citizens have some kind of culpability is outrageous. It is not surprising at all that these cops and their lawyers are trying to deflect the blame.

This is just completely pathetic to try and blame people who weren't even involved.

Photo Credit: Hennepin County Sheriff's Office

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