Finally! Something Both Democrats and Republicans Agree On About Trump

Democrats and Republicans are such polar opposites today that it is nearly impossible to get them to agree on almost anything. Even more so when it comes to President Trump. It seems that pigs will learn to fly before they can find anything to agree on regarding the President.

Well, pigs must be flying because they've actually found something that both sides agree on when it comes to Trump. President Trump will be re-elected again in the 2020 election.

Honestly, their Trump Derangement Syndrome and hatred are playing a huge part in all this.

According to the New York Post,

As Dems continue to devour each other, there are times when it would be wise for the president to follow the rule that you should never get in the way when your opponent is committing suicide. But this is not that time, and Trump made a smart move by announcing that he would seek to get the facts about citizens and noncitizens from existing government data ­instead of the census.

As he and Attorney General William Barr noted, the Supreme Court showed how to cure the mistakes made when the administration tried to put a citizenship question on the census questionnaire, but there is no time to go through another tortuous round of litigation.

While the new executive order surely will be challenged, Trump’s efforts draw a favorable contrast with the other side. The shocker is not that he’s trying to learn the facts about who is in the country, but that nobody on the left wants to know.

Because Trump is for it, they must oppose it at any cost. Chalk that up as more evidence that Dems hate the president more than they care about commonsense approaches to the nation’s problems.

Really though, the best Democrats have to offer is either a creepy old man who touches and kisses young girls without them consenting or an old white woman who lied about being a native American, lied about being fired for her pregnancy, and lied about sending her son to private school.

You can count on Trump winning in 2020, by a landslide.


Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey