FBI Director Just Admitted to Tampering with Evidence Illegal Surveillance Inside FBA

Huge news out of Washington. Rep. John Ratcliffe was recently questioning current FBI Director Christopher Wray on the FISA warrants and the surveillance on Carter Page and Donald Trump during and after his campaign.

Rep. Ratcliffe actually got Wray to admit that the FBI did tamper with evidence and that at least two of the FISA warrants were illegal warrants. Therefore, the FBI illegally spied on Carter Page and the Trump campaign.

At one point during the questioning of the FBI Director, Rep. Ratcliffe asked, “The report acknowledges that … this was illegal surveillance with respect to at least several of these FISA applications, because there was not probable cause or proper predication, correct?”

“Right,” Wray replied.

Wow! Rep. Ratcliffe just got the current FBI Director to admit that the surveillance and the FISA applications were indeed illegal.

Oh, but President Trump and all the people who have been saying this the whole time are the crazy ones, right? Conspiracy theorists is what they’d call us, but now, just as Rep. Ratcliffe said during a recent interview, everyone is admitting it.

Rep. Ratcliff said, “When that idea originally came out that the Trump campaign was being surveilled by the Obama administration its officials it was called a conspiracy theory. Then it moved to an acknowledgment that yes there was surveillance but as Jim Comey said this idea of FISA abuse is a bunch of nonsense it was done lawfully.

Now you have an admission by everyone, by the FISA Court itself, by the Department of Justice, you just heard the FBI director, the Inspector General Michael Horowitz that at least with respect to part of the surveillance done these FISA applications didn’t have a proper predicate, therefore, they were illegal surveillance and I think that that’s a profound you know admission by the FBI director that was just heard there and I think it’s very clear that the Obama administration began and then continued an illegal surveillance action against first candidate Trump and then President Trump.”

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