Facebook Shuts Down Another Big Name Trump Supporter’s Page (Updated)

Toward the end of last month, Facebook shut down the largest pro-Trump Facebook fan page temporarily claiming that they were impersonating Donald Trump…which they weren’t even close to doing. They’re already at it again, but this time it happened to a more well-known Trump supporter, David Harris Jr.

David Harris recently attended an event where President Trump was as well. He did a live video during the event and immediately after the event, he says that his page was unpublished. “I was just with the President today for the launch of Black Voices for Trump… My page shut down after I went live from that event,” David said.

This is the reason that Facebook gave for unpublishing his page, “using Facebook to organize criminal activity, or celebrate crimes that have been committed.”

According to Illicit Info,

The only thing we can think of is that Facebook is made a rule, which they told no one about, that you can not publish information about the ‘whistleblower.’ This is the most Orwellian thing I have heard in my life.

There is nothing illegal about saying the whistleblower’s name. The MSM has published it, hell, Schiff’s own committee published it in their notes! This time I think Facebook has went too far and the world is about to cave in with them over this gargantuan miscalculation.

If they can take down a friend of the Trump family, a celebrity in the conservative community, one of the most honorable men I know, they can, AND WILL TAKE US ALL DOWN.

This is a defining moment in human history. You need to pick a side.

This is completely ridiculous. He did not organize any criminal activity, nor did he celebrate any crimes that had been committed.

How long are Americans going to tolerate this liberal censorship and tyrannical fascism from the left before they say they’ve had enough?

Just imagine what Facebook will be doing over the next year to censor Donald Trump ads and show favoritism toward the Democratic nominee.

UPDATE: Davis Harris did get his Facebook page back over the weekend.

Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano