Facebook Deems Black and LGBTQ People More Important Than White People

Facebook is nothing more than the top liberal propaganda machine that is feeding the masses hate and terribly ideology.

We know that they unequally target conservatives while allowing content that they prefer to go completely unchecked at times.

Facebook has recently updated its hate speech algorithms. These algorithms direct them towards offensive content so it can be removed and, ultimately, all types of people can feel at home on the site. So, what does the new update entail?

Well, rather than weighing hurtful comments or stereotypes against various groups – say, white people, black people, gay people, or straight people – equally, the social media giant has decided to weigh destructive speech towards certain groups more heavily, to flag it as being "more important."

Namely, these groups are black people, Muslims, biracial people, Jewish people, and LGBTQ people.

As an example: imagine if someone posts "white people are the worst." This comment will not be considered as "important" as "Jewish people are terrible."

In the same vein, "Men are awful" would not be weighed as heavily as "Bisexual people are annoying."

Let's get real for a moment:

There's no term besides "biased" that can be used to describe this change. Whereas "all white people are racist" would have once been weighed the same as "all Jewish people are racist," that's no longer the case.

The truth is that nobody wants hate speech on social media, no matter who the target is. If anything, these changes will, unfortunately, reinforce the idea that men, white people, and non-LGBTQ people are somehow "less important" than other groups, or that their "feelings don't matter" as much.

Those are the clear implications of this algorithm update. Ironically, this kind of messaging tends to push those groups towards the right, which is presumably – something leftist groups like Facebook or Twitter don't want. Maybe they've just "given up" on men, white people, and straight people?

You don't have to go far to find posts from Facebook or Twitter users essentially marginalizing men or white people, describing them in blanket terms.

It's unfortunate that these new changes will consider certain derogatory comments to be less significant than others, but that's Big Tech for you.

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