Extreme News Bias! Look How The Media Is Ignoring One and Pushing the Other

The mainstream media news outlets have proven themselves to have an agenda to push once again. I’ve almost completely given up on them entirely.

Something seriously needs to be done about all of the extremely biased “news” reporting that is currently going on which is really nothing more than news commentary, and it’s poor commentary at that.

What is going on right now with George Floyd and the riots is a clear example of media bias.

There has been almost non-stop coverage of the George Floyd’s funerals, yes funerals, plural. As well as his wake before the funeral. Even the mayor of Minneapolis showed up.

Now let’s look at the other important funeral going on right now and that is the funeral of David Dorn, the man who was killed while defending his friend’s store in St. Louis during the riots.

The only outlets really covering is are local, such as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Hundreds of people waited in a long line outside a St. Louis church Tuesday to pay their respects to the family of a former police commander who was fatally shot last week trying to prevent a pawn shop from being looted.

A large contingent of political leaders and police officers were among the people who attended the public visitation for retired St. Louis police Capt. David Dorn at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church on North Taylor Avenue.

Dorn, 77, was found dead on the sidewalk of Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry about 2:30 a.m. June 2 after a night of peaceful protests turned destructive. A friend owned the pawn shop and Dorn was hired to provide security, periodically checking on the shop whenever an alarm sounded.

A 24-year-old man has been charged with murder in Dorn’s death. Another man is facing separate charges and police continue to search for eight others they say looted the shop that night.

If you ask me, they are giving far too much attention to the funeral of a man who was killed by police after committing a crime. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t justify it by any means and in my book, it should be a life for a life.

Instead, they should be focusing on the service and heroism of the man who was trying to protect his friend’s store and died because of the riots.

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