EXCLUSIVE: Journalist Storms On To Epstein's Private Island To Give First Ever Look

Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change, and Dollar Vigilante's Jeff Berwick secretly snuck onto Jeffrey Epstein's private Pedophile Island.

The two men managed to get someone to drive them out to Little St. James Island, which was where the action happened and take multiple videos of their time there. In the video you see much of the island and while they talk about the things that they see there.

This is the first time that video footage of this magnitude has been taken and put online. There have been videos taken by drones flying above the island where Epstein and others like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew partook in whatever old perverted men do with young underage girls on a private island.

According to The Daily Wire,

Some of the interesting things shown in the video are bizarre gargoyles found around the island, the secluded “massage” area, and Epstein’s infamous temple.

As noted by the reporters, Epstein allegedly spent $20,000 per palm tree in order to create utter seclusion around the “private massage area.”

Additionally, the temple looked like something one might see on a “Hollywood set,” they noted. The door on the “temple,” for example, was not a door, but merely painted on.

It looks like the guys are saying that maybe there is no entry into the "temple", but I would think that there is some secret underground entrance into it. There must be a reason there is only a painted door and no actual door.

They also soon learned that there were still people on the island! How is it that there are people there? What's going on there?

Toward the end of the video, one of the men tells the others to run and get back to the boat after seeing people on the golf carts. In fact, at the very end of the video, you can clearly see someone on a golf cart sitting at the water's edge.