Dramatic Sen. Warren Claims Gay Marriage, Interracial Marriage in Jeopardy

On Friday, Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on ABC’s “The View” and claimed that interracial marriage and gay marriage are now in danger because of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Co-host Ana Navarro said, “I’ve gotten calls from a lot of my gay friends this week who are terrified as a result of this leak because of what you just referred to as settled law, settled law, which isn’t so settled as we thought. Now, my friends on the right bring up Plessy versus Ferguson, which is the separate but equal. And they said when that got overturned, nobody had an issue. So when is settled law settled law? Should people in gay marriages be afraid? What does this mean when it comes to established law?”

Warren replied, “So when you read Justice Alito’s opinion, what he focuses on is history, and he says we don’t have to protect our access to abortion because historically we haven’t had that access. Boy, that ought to make your gay friends nervous because we don’t have a long history of protecting equal marriage. We don’t have a long history of protecting interracial marriage. We don’t have a long history of protecting access to contraception. All of those things that we have now counted on instead — that’s the America we are — could potentially, under Justice Alito’s own analysis, go out. This is the reason we cannot have a right-wing fringe court dictate to the rest of America.”

Co-host Joy Behar added, “Right. It’s so divisive also. It’s going to just split the country.”

So….not allowing women to murder their unborn children somehow means that marriage rights will change? Please! That is such a reach.