Dr. Oz Declares: 'This Election Is Ours'

Everyone is on the edge of their seats, waiting to see the outcome of each primary election across the country.

We are still waiting for the results out of the Pennsylvania Senate race between Dr. Mehmet Oz and David McCormick — mail-in ballots are still being counted.

On Thursday, Oz appeared on "Greg Kelly Reports" and gave a rally cry. He declared that "this is election is ours" and announced that he wants to work on "unifying" the party.

"This election is ours. In the meantime, I think I should focus on unifying our party. This was a very contentious campaign," Oz told Newsmax. "You know, everyone got their tires kicked in. So, we know exactly what folks are made out of. But it's time for our party to take on [Democratic Party challenger] John Fetterman [in the November general election]."

"I am praying [state Lt. Gov.) Fetterman makes a full recovery. … He has a heart condition that I [similarly] treated as a University of Pennsylvania-trained heart doctor, and I'm optimistic he'll be healthy," he continued.

Oz said, "But we are going to face off in the general [election], and Pennsylvania has a clear choice between Republicans and Democrats here, probably more clearly than a lot of other states in the country. Fetterman [operates] left of [President Joe Biden], so he supports spending and restricting energy production, which in Pennsylvania is a major catastrophe because it hurts the livelihoods of Pennsylvania [residents]."

"Fetterman wants to socialize medicine. … He's been likened to a 'tall' Bernie Sanders, and we saw what happens to the one-size-fits-all-approach [to governing]," he explained. "It just, it doesn't work. It didn't work during COVID. Is that going to work for your personal health? I want private solutions customized to your needs. Here is the big deal: I want to take this message to every corner of the Commonwealth, including places that don't usually expect Republicans."

"I became a Republican at age 8 because my father told me Republicans had better ideas. Let's give the African-American community better ideas [too]," Oz continued. "I went to a beautiful Baptist church near our home. The minister, Jerome Coleman, is a friend of mine. He's on our Values Council and you know, we were looking at this beautiful congregation, and [Coleman's saying], 'A lot of these folks, when Democrats speak to them, they have to put their fingers in their kids' ears because they don't want their kids to hear this. [They spew out material] that makes them feel like they're a victim [in life]. Like, they don't have control over their future.'"

He concluded, "And [Coleman] would tell me, 'If you Republicans come to us with ideas and show us a love that we know you should have for us, we'll come along with the Republican ticket.'  That's what he's expecting me to do as a Republican candidate for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania. That's what I intend to do, and crossover with the African-American audience that I think is desperately looking for better ideas."