Dozens of Universities Report Over 48,000 Combined COVID Cases, The Results Are SHOCKING

Americans have lost almost all interest in the coronavirus. I know, I checked the search results on Google recently.

I think the only people who are really concerned about it are liberals because they're the only ones braindead enough to just believe everything that the media tells them.

But don't worry, this will all likely disappear after the election.

Regarding the virus though, we all know that the numbers have been exaggerated to an absurd number and do not reflect the true impact of this virus.

The situation with schools has been unpredictable and inconsistent with some schools opening and some not. The same goes for colleges despite the number of cases reported at various universities.

But based on the numbers of cases that have been reported at the universities compared to the number of hospitalizations and deaths, it just goes to further show that this is a sham.

When the numbers were analyzed of 37 universities including the University of Alabama, University of Georgia, University of Wisconsin, University of South Carolina, Ohio State, University of Arizona, University of Illinois, all of which have reported at least 2,000 cases, we learn that the total number of hospitalization is a whopping 2 and that there have been 0 deaths.

Let me repeat that…2 hospitalizations…0 deaths.

Dr. Andrew Bostom tweeted,

Easing C19 hysteria in Indiana "using public data from the Indiana State Department of Health, StatsIndiana, and the Insurance Information Institute"

"It turns out that for people younger than 20 the likelihood of dying from COVID in Indiana is a 1.7-in-a-million chance, far lower than being killed in one’s lifetime by lightning or by a dog."

Do you remember that the lockdowns were about keeping the hospitals from being overwhelmed? Well, obviously they're not being overwhelmed, so what's stopping anyone from removing all restrictions and letting us have our freedom to take care of our own safety?

Americans do not need, nor do they deserve to have someone telling them what they can and can not do.

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