DOJ Releases Report Showing Number of Arrests for Non-Citizens Showing Unbelievable Numbers

In a report that was recently released by the Department of Justice, the numbers demonstrate just how much crime is actually committed by non-American. citizens in our country.

The numbers in the report show that 64% of all the federal arrests were made up of non-citizens. When you compare that to 20 years ago the numbers were completely flipped around the other way showing that 63% of all federal arrests were U.S. citizens.

The report also says, “Non-U.S. citizens, who make up 7% of the U.S. population (per the U.S. Census Bureau for 2017), accounted for 15% of all federal arrests and 15% of prosecutions in U.S. district court for non-immigration crimes in 2018 … Ninety-five percent of the increase in federal arrests across 20 years was due to immigration offenses.”

“Federal arrests of non-U.S. citizens more than tripled from 1998 to 2018 (rising 234%), while federal arrests of U.S. citizens rose 10% over the same period. Federal arrests of non-U.S. citizens increased from 73,022 in 2017 to 125,027 in 2018, a 1-year increase of over 50,000. In 2018, non-U.S. citizens accounted for 24% of all federal drug arrests and 25% of all federal property arrests, including 28% of all federal fraud arrests.”

According to NBC News, “Prosecutions for violating immigration laws have flooded the nation's federal courts, especially in border states. Nationwide, arrests of noncitizens for immigration offenses rose 440 percent in the two decades from 1998 to 2018 — from 19,556 a year to 105,748. By contrast, the number of noncitizens arrested for other crimes rose about 8 percent.”

This is why it's so critical that we DO have a wall build on the southern border to prevent this massive influx of criminals coming over. They are breaking our laws as they walk into our country, which shows they have no respect for our laws therefore why would they abide by them later?

We have the ability to dramatically reduce gang violence, homelessness, homicide, drugs, and so many other bad things going on in our country instead of wasting all of the money that we spend on the current border crisis, but Democrats would rather take care of criminals and give them a free ride.