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Democrats in PANIC MODE After Homeland Security Panel Approves Subpoenas on Hunter Biden

The Senate Homeland Security Panel announced that they are planning something big and the Democrats are panicking.

Republicans plan to make a move and issue subpoenas related to Hunter Biden and the Burisma Holdings corruption that went on while Joe Biden was Vice President.

They’re going to be probing into Hunter’s time at Burisma where he held a seat on the board of the natural gas company.

“Burisma will serve as “accountability” for a long-running investigation into his family’s dealings with Ukraine,” former Whitewater Independent Counsel Ken Starr said Thursday.

In an interview on “America’s Newsroom” with host Sandra Smith, Starr said that the leader of the inquiry, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, is right to want information surrounding the Bidens.

“As Senator Johnson has said on Fox News, ‘Let’s just get these facts and if there is no there there.’ But, why all the protesting? Why don’t we just get these documents in good order and analyze them and so forth?’ he asked.

Senator Johnson says he must have hit a nerve.

“I’m somewhat suspicious. My interest level has been raised by the high level of their objections. I think they protest a little too much. Apparently we’re hitting a nerve here. Maybe we’re getting close to finding out some important information.”

Did you hear what Kamala Harris said at the beginning of that video?

“There are literally matters of life and death waiting for our committee’s attention. But instead this committee is doing the President’s personal bidding. Members of this committee I urge you to vote against this political sideshow so that we can focus our attention on this pandemic that is threatening the lives and livelihood of the American people.”

Isn’t it typical that Democrats made such a big deal when the simply thought that President Trump was doing this, yet when it’s one of their own, they refuse to even look.

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Oops! LA Mayor Slips Up About COVID-19 Outbreak and the Black Lives Matter Protests (VIDEO)

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Snoop Dogg Takes Low Blow at Black Conservatives: ‘The Coon Bunch’

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Dogg posted a meme arranged like the popular 70’s sitcom The Brady Bunch, but Brady was replaced with “coon.” It included photos of Herman Cain, Candace Owens, Paris Dennard, Angela Stanton, David Harris Jr., Terrence Williams, Darrell Scott, Massa, the Hodge Twins, and Diamond & Silk.

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Frederick Douglass Statue Torn Down Over 4th of July Weekend

A statue of Frederick Douglass was torn down during the night over the Fourth of July weekend in Rochester, New York.

Douglass, a well known abolitionist, was born into slavery but escaped in the 1800’s. He then became e a national leader for the movement to end slavery.

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Californians Light Up the Sky with ‘Illegal’ Fireworks After Democrats Cancel 4th of July Celebrations

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom and other officials shut down the 4th of July celebrations for many Californians. This was, of course, due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

While Governor Newsom closed down bars, wineries, museums and more, but kept his winery open.

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Ghislaine Maxwell Ready to Name Names – Attorney Representing Victims Says ‘She Won’t Get Out of This Alive’

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The alleged madam is ready to cooperate with the FBI. Here is the reaction from “The Five” on Fox News:

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