Democrats Are Breaking Ranks On Impeachment and Admitting Hearings Are Getting Them Nowhere

As we are now at the end of two long weeks of impeachment hearings against President Trump for allegedly committing bribery by withholding funds from Ukraine, the only evidence that we really have is evidence against the Democrats.

The witnesses brought to testify over the last two weeks have not given even a shred of evidence of a quid pro quo. In fact, they've done the exact opposite as Ambassador Sondland admitted that Trump told him "I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo."

However, things are looking worse for the Bidens, especially Hunter, and his dealings with Burisma.

The hearings went so badly that even some Democrats are splitting from the pack and are ready for this impeachment charade to be over with because they know that it's a dead-end street.

Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew was recently asked by a reporter, "Congressman Van Drew, you’ve had such courage and leadership since you took the job in Congress. You are also one of two who have voted against this inquiry to begin with. Why? "

Van Drew replied, "I just think we should keep going down this road, keep spending more time. You know, many of us came to Congress because we really wanted to accomplish goals, really work on issues such as health care, work on issues dealing with prescription drugs, elections, security, the debt, the deficit. You know, the list goes on and I can speak on and on about all the things that we need to do. 

And I just don’t think we’re hearing anything new and, real quickly, we must understand the importance and the level of what impeachment is. Hundreds of years of history, no one has ever been convicted of impeachment, and that’s the point. We’re gonna have an election next year, let’s have the election, let’s fight through the election, let’s do what Republicans and Democrats and whomever else does. But this is going to get us nowhere. We’ve spent millions of dollars, in my opinion, tons of money, tons of time, tons of hurt, fracturing the nation apart. I haven’t seen this to be a good thing…"