Democrat Mayor's Brother Steals Car With Two Kids Inside – "Don't Worry, I'm The Mayor's Brother"

The little brother of Mayor Frank Scott Jr. of Little Rock, Arkansas is now facing some heavy prison time.

Darrell Lamont Scott is being charged with felony theft as well as two counts of kidnapping.

Here's what happened:

Police received a call from Baptist Health hospital that a man had stolen a car with two children inside. The reports say that the mother had gone inside to use the restroom and left her car running. That when they say Scott, 31, jumped inside and drove away with her children. His motives are still unclear.

The children, ages 10 and 3, were able to call their mom and let her know where they were and the police later found them unharmed.

Authorities say the suspect, later identified as Scott, then used the victims’ phone to call their mother back, saying: “Don’t worry, I’m the mayor’s brother,” according to the police report.

"This is an extremely difficult season in the life of my younger brother," the mayor said. "My family cares deeply about him, and we are seeking medical and professional help as he manages this crisis. My heart goes out to the children who were involved. While my life, in many regards, is public, my family members remain private individuals. I ask that you respect my family's privacy and pray that my brother gets the treatment he needs and that justice is served."

I guess the mayor thinks that this is going to get his brother off of the hook and that he'll not have to serve and jail time? That better not be the case. That's what that sounds like. Is Scott going to let his brother off or release him to mental health services? If that's what happens the people of Little Rock should fight to have him thrown out on corruption charges.

Look I'm all about getting people some help, but if you broke the law, you broke the law. The only person who I think should have any say in the matter as far as a lenient sentence should be the actual victims. Since they are children, it should be their parents.

Sun Herald

Photo Credit: Fox News

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