Deep State IG Releases Statement: Why They Changed Whistleblower Forms to Include: Watercooler Talk, Rumors, Hearsay and Cafeteria Conversations

Most of you recall the drama in D.C. when the rules for whistleblower complaints were recently changed. This created a huge controversy due to the timing of when it was done.

The rules were changed just before the whistleblower complaint was filed against the President for his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. This has drawn a lot of attention from members of Congress.

The Deep State Intelligence Community Inspector General, Michael Atkinson, came forward with a statement recently explaining why altering the rules on whistleblower complaints to include watercooler talk, rumors, hearsay and cafeteria conversations rather than just firsthand information was such an imperative.

Here is what Atkinson said about changing the rules,

"Although the form requests information about whether the Complainant possesses first-hand knowledge about the matter about which he or she is lodging the complaint, there is no such requirement set forth in the statute. In fact, by law the Complainant – or any individual in the Intelligence Community who wants to report information with respect to an urgent concern to the congressional intelligence committees – need not possess first-hand information in order to file a complaint or information with respect to an urgent concern. The ICIG cannot add conditions to the filing of an urgent concern that do not exist in law."

Read the full news release from the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community down below:

Atkinson also said the “whistleblower's” concerns appeared credible so they made changed everything with urgency.

So let's recap what we know of this situation:

First, we now know that there is a mole or spy in the White House. Second, there is a deliberate plan to attain damaging information on President Trump in their attempt at impeaching him. This is a coup d'etat attempt, it's as clear as day and it needs to stop because this is treason.