Deaf Man Sues Adult Video Website A Ridiculously Hilarious Reason

Over the past decade or so we've seen more business being sued by individuals who suffer from some sort of disability.

The thing is, it's not as though they're actually discriminating against a person with a disability, it's more so that they didn't work hard enough to accommodate that individual.

We've had a blind man who sued Domino's pizza recently for not being to order a pizza on their website or mobile app.

Another blind man sued Playboy for not being able to read the articles. There was also a case in which a blind man sued Hooters for not selling Braille gift cards.

This can set a very dangerous precedent and create a slippery slope even when a company hasn't done anything wrong. These companies are being sued because they haven't done it better. Where do you draw the line with something like this?

But a more recent lawsuit was filed by a deaf man who is suing the internet adult video website P*rnhub alleging that they don't have closed captions on their videos so he doesn't know what they're saying.

According to Global News,

When a delivery man and a college student are arguing over the price of pizza in a p*rn video, people who are deaf shouldn’t feel left out of the discussion.

That’s the argument behind a new lawsuit launched in New York on Thursday, which accuses Canada-based P*rnhub and its sister sites of failing to include closed captioning in most of its adult videos.

The suit was filed in the Eastern District of New York on behalf of Yaroslav Suris, who is deaf. P*rnhub is named in the suit along with its sister sites, RedTube and YouP*rn, and their parent company MindGeek.

The suit claims P*rnhub is violating the rights of people who are deaf and hearing-impaired under the Americans with Disabilities Act because many of its videos lack closed captioning.

I hope this lawsuit fails miserably and that the man loses a lot of money. To my understanding, the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn't apply to internet videos and beyond that, the company isn't based in the U.S. so it may not even matter.