Crowds at Trump Rally Chanted "46!", Already Supporting President Trump’s Successor

President Trump's support base is massive. The Democrats want to belittle it and make the claim that everyone who supports President Trump is a racist and deplorable.

To that I say, keep it up. Because that's just going to make sure conservatives win for years to come.

In fact, Trump supporters already have a pretty good idea of who they will support in 2024 after President Trump is finished with his second term.

Attendees at President Trump‘s rally in New Hampshire on Monday chanted “46” when he introduced Donald Trump Jr., embracing the president’s eldest son as a future candidate to follow his father into the Oval Office.

President Trump recognized roughly a dozen lawmakers and prominent conservatives at his Manchester rally, making his way to his children. He highlighted his daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, who joined him onstage. He then recognized his eldest son, who had spoken earlier at the event.

“Did Don Jr. make a good speech?” the president asked, prompting applause and chants of “46” from the crowd.

"They're good kids. They went through a lot with the hoax," Trump added, referencing his impeachment.

Donald Jr. shared his thoughts on the support from his father's supporters:

"I mean, when you look at the accomplishments, the things that he's been able to get done, the things he's been able to get done despite unprecedented resistance…Right? Nothing but resistance,"

"No one watching can name a single thing that the Democrats have even tried to do over the last three-and-a-half years other than [to] prevent him from doing anything and he's still getting it done,"

"I love the direction that this country is going [in],"

"Unemployment numbers are the lowest in recorded history for every demographic. I mean, we're really living an American blue-collar boom which is what he promised."

"That's why you're getting those people – that many people – to show up, and to stay that long, and to be that supportive."

The Hill

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