Couple Who Defended Home from Thugs to Be Indicted Shortly

The name Mark McCloskey is almost a household name now after becoming the image of those who defend their property against thugs.

As you know already, Mark McCloskey and his wife are being targeted by the left after they stood up to thugs who trespassed on private property.

They had every reasonable right to be out there with guns. When you look at what has been going on since the end of May, you can clearly see that they had sufficient reason to believe that this mob posed an immediate threat to them.

Now the couple is under immediate threat of being indicted. In fact, the St. Louis Police Department applied for warrants on Tuesday.

I hope that this leads to a monumental case that goes all the way to the Supreme Court in one way just so we can establish some precedent, but I definitely don't even think that they should be in court to begin with and hate that they have to go through this.

The only two reasons that this couple is receiving any criticism is because liberals are idiots, and because the St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, who happens to be a Democrat is also a corrupt idiot.

There is no way on Earth that they should be having to go through this. Those people TRESPASSED onto private property and the couple told them to leave and was ready to defend themselves.

Mark McCloskey said about what's going on right now, "Well, you know, the police were really very professional and very nice. The cops that came out to issue the search warrant on us, they were almost apologetic. They didn’t want to have to be there. They were doing their job. Patty wanted to take a picture to document it and she asked if they wouldn’t mind facing away from the camera so that people wouldn’t get mad at them if their faces were shown on TV. They all did so. They unfortunate are stuck between a circuit attorney that wants to prosecute us in their own belief that we did absolutely nothing wrong."

Thankfully, President Trump is getting involved in this as well and has stated that he's going to take action to support the McCloskeys in this fight.

Sources: STL Post-Dispatch | Daily Wire

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