College Professor Claims President Trump Is Telling People To Kill and Maim Others

There’s simply no point in trying to understand liberals and how in the world they come up with some of the stupid ideas they have. Trustfully, the only real possibility is that they really do suffer from a mental illness.

One college professor seems to be suffering from his own case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Georgia Southern University professor, Jared Yates Sexton, has accused President Trump and even his supporters of encouraging one another to actually kill Democrats and liberals. Where does that even come from?

If you look at what’s actually going on in the world, the evidence points in the other direction, because nearly every news story you hear involving political violence turns out to be about liberals attacking Trump supporters, sometimes over nothing at all. If they’re wearing a MAGA hat liberals will attack. If they’re walking along minding their own business, liberals attack them then as well.

The professor tweeted, “But they need to push against that impulse to juice impeachment for profit because Trump is going to try everything, Fox is going to try everything, and they’re going to both further the injuring of societal reality and inspire dangerous individuals to kill and maim.”

He even went on to say, “There’s a vast number of people in this people who have been taught their whole lives that they might need to kill in case of a coup or corrupt takeover. Trump and Republicans signal to them constantly. They’re more than ready to see this as the occasion.”

“Evidence against Trump has passed the point of no return. The national media need to assert pressure on him to resign so we can avoid this story going to a place that risks lives. People have already died. More will if this crisis isn’t dismantled carefully.”

Here’s my question…where is the evidence?

You can’t just say stuff like this and not back it up. There is nothing to even hint that this is true because it’s not. It’s a liberal tactic and this is exactly how hateful liberals function.

I’ll give you another example: Kaitlin Bennett from Liberty Hangout was recently accused by some young women in a park of being racist. She approached them as calm as she could be and asked them why they said that.  Not a single one of them could give an answer.

Take a look below to see what I mean.


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore