College Football Coach Shares Meme, Gets Accused Of Racism

Once again the "politically correct" snowflakes and the virtue-signalers are apparently getting bored. They're sitting at home because of this coronavirus and the stay at home orders and they're needing something to do and something to be offended about, so they're out for social justice once again.

This time it comes in the form of a tweet from college football coach Mike Leach from Mississippi State.

Leach tweeted an image of a meme of an old lady knitting a noose with the caption, "After 2 weeks of quarantine with her husband, Gertrude decided to knit him a scarf…"

Take look at the image below:

Well, social justice warriors went ballistic and claim that this is racist.

Apparently, I'm blind and I missed the racism in this post. If anything, the people getting offended by it are probably the ones who are racist.

The old lady in the image is knitting a noose. Black people don't have the market cornered on nooses. In fact, thousands of people hang themselves every year and that number is made up mostly by white men.

David Marcus wrote, “So what made the meme offensive to those who were able to squint hard enough to find racism? Well, nooses are associated with lynching, the old woman is white, and the photo appears to be old timey. The latter point is significant. We can imagine a similar meme with a millennial girlfriend knitting a colorful noose for her beau, which would not elicit charges of racism. This being an old white woman in the early 20th century, surely she must be a murderous bigot.”

“This is a prime example the two very different and often contradictory definitions of racism in the United States. By the more traditional definition, which requires intent and animosity, Leach was not even remotely engaged in racism. But by the more modern leftist definition, racism occurs when, even unintentionally, a person fails to take into account how others might interpret his statements or actions.”

The Federalist

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