CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Complains About President Trump Taking Off His Mask, Rips Hers Off as Soon as She Thinks No One is Watching

The hypocritical left is out in full force with regards to COVID-19. CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins ripped President Trump when he took off his mask after climbing a flight of stairs outside the White House.

It didn't take the Trump campaign long to fire back. They had a video of Collins ripping her mask off as soon as she thought it was safe.

Check it out:

You gotta love it when these "maskholes" get what they deserve for being hypocritical.

Another thing to point out is that there was no one near President Trump when he removed his mask. This Twitter user pointed out the fact that no one is near him.

Other people cracked jokes at the expense of Kaitlan. Check them out:

They're right. No matter what President Trump does they are going to rip him. So why should he waste time trying to appease everyone on the left?

On a positive note, it looks like President Trump is recovering quickly and is getting closer to full strength by the day.

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