CNN Host Unloads on Pelosi for Refusing to Agree to New Relief Bill

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been the opposite of caring and helpful when it comes to trying to help the American people.

It has been months since anything with the stimulus was signed and they've been fighting about it for months since then.

Pelosi is too far gone and completely obsessed with getting her way. There is no compromise, there is only Pelosi's way or the highway.

It blows my mind that the Democrats don't do something about it. I wonder if there is a way to remove her as Speaker of the House so she'll quit holding up financial relief to families that need it.

Many of her own colleagues are even telling her to quit being a jerk and to take the deal. This woman is so unwilling to help Americans that it absolutely blows my mind, and it's all for political gain.

Just recently, CNN host Jake Tapper even called her out on it and made her flustered. This isn't the first time that he or someone else has done so either. Just about a week or two ago, Wolf Blitzer called her out on it and she got irate.

Here's how the interview with Tapper went,

JAKE TAPPER: So, we know that the White House has moved closer to your position on lots of issues, coronavirus testing, contact tracing strategy, unemployment benefits, local government — local government…

NANCY PELOSI: No, no. Excuse me. They haven’t yet.

TAPPER: They haven’t?

PELOSI: That’s what we’re waiting for. We’re waiting for the final yes.

TAPPER: Well, they — so, they said they would.

PELOSI: But they haven’t yet.

TAPPER: And you’re waiting to see it on paper.

PELOSI: They haven’t yet.

They go back and forth for a minute and then Tapper really nails her on what she could actually do.

TAPPER: So, I get that. But it just seems like they keep moving closer and closer.

PELOSI: They don’t.

TAPPER: I get that you’re waiting for it on paper. But it just seems like, you’re winning. I mean, that’s what it seems like to me. I’m looking at all the things that the White House is moving forward to your position on. And it seems like you could take yes for an answer.

You know you're in a bad spot and you're doing wrong when even CNN is against you.

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