CNN Asks Football Fans What They Think About Impeachment Inquiry and Get An Earful

In today's world politics seems to ruin everything it touches. You can't get on Facebook without seeing something political, most of the time someone being ignorant and hateful.

Even one of the areas that you would think would have remained untouched by politics years ago has become one of the largest political platforms over the last few years. I'm talking about sports.

Sports have become very political recently. Colin Kaepernick's kneeling for the national anthem was basically the event that got the ball rolling. Now we have people like LeBron James, Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, as well as entire sports teams being in the political spotlight for things as mundane as whether or not they accept or decline invitations to the White House since Donald Trump is the president.

CNN seems to be trying to start more controversy (of course) by asking football fans at the recent LSU vs. Alabama football game what they thought about the impeachment inquiry. Their responses weren't quite what they were expecting.

One man responded, "When the man try to help the country, and you instead try to find situations to throw out his character… ain't no perfect president. But I think he's been treated unfairly."

A woman said, "I think it's ridiculous. I think it's unfair, and I wish they would focus on getting stuff done instead of harassing the president."

This is what happens when you ask real Americans their opinion rather than planting liberals to tell you what you want them to hear.

According to The Blaze,

The sentiment confirms what polls have suggested: that despite the focus of Democrats and the media on the impeachment inquiry against Trump, the average American views the proceedings as a nuisance, and perhaps even, as these Americans suggested, as "harassment."

Indeed, recent analysis by the New York Times showed that while voters in the six tightest 2016 swing states do not support impeaching Trump and removing him from office — 53 percent to 43 percent — they generally support the impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, voters nationwide continue to favor Trump's impeachment and removal from office.