CNN Admits Huge Amount of Democrats Are Supporting Trump After Impeachment Vote…Look At These Numbers!

Chalk up one more win for Big Daddy Trump! This one is a big deal, too. So big that it is definitely going to impact the upcoming election.

President Trump and his campaign managers have been bragging about the crossover audience that they have in Trump's campaign rallies. What this means is that many former Democrats are have decided that the Democratic Party is worthless and have switched sides and support Trump. Now we have the data to prove it.

President Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, shared the numbers from President Trump's recent rally in Mississippi in which almost one-third of the attendees were former Democrats.

Data from Friday’s Mississippi rally:

✅ 16,432 voters identified

✅ 24% voted once or less in last 4 elections (12% in zero)

✅ 27% Democrat

✅ 20% Black

More winning numbers that will help secure #FourMoreYears for @realDonaldTrump!

Continue to outperform 2016.

It's not just this rally that had this type of turn out either. This has been happening in multiple states and will continue to happen in other states. Right now, the average Democratic turn out is about 20%! That is phenomenal!

I can't wait for November when we get to watch all the screaming and crying liberals, because it's going to be a landslide if we can leverage 20% of the Democrats!

Even CNN is finally admitting that Trump is winning.

Red State reports that this tells us that a certain percentage of Democrats are looking at the weak field of candidates and are searching for an alternative. I would guess many of them are turned off by the injustice of the current impeachment inquiry as well as the party’s sharp left turn. It might surprise Democrats to hear that not every Democrat supports impeachment or the vision of a socialist America.

The next data point showed that 24% had voted once or less in the last four elections. Half of them have not voted at all. Can you imagine if this group were to actually go to the polls next year and cast their ballot for Trump? It’s not a crazy assumption. It takes less time and effort to cast a vote than to attend a campaign rally.