Christian Minister's Wife Boasts About Her Transgender 12-Year-Old’s Medical Implants

If you've never heard of Munchausen Syndrome, it is a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick.

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, on the other hand, is worse, which is the same thing, but it involves a child. So instead of the individual thinking that they are sick or have a disorder of some sort themselves, it is their child who they feel is that way.

This is nothing less than child endangerment and child abuse especially when it comes to the caregiver or parent essentially convincing their child that they are gay or transgender or whatever else it may be. You always see this with a certain type of people and for me personally, I know multiple individuals who are like this and they all fit the category.

Oddly enough, as I was reading through the mother's post on Facebook, I stumbled across one of the people I had in mind who had commented on her post.

Now, a mother is boasting about how her 12-year old son, who is now identifying as a female, is getting hormone-blocking implants to prevent puberty. She claims her child is brave for doing this, but this is not exactly a new thing as she allowed her child to start this transition at 10 years old, because apparently at ten people should be making these serious life-altering decisions.

Last month, speaker, advocate, and wife of Lutheran minister Jamie Bruesehoff celebrated her 12-year-old child, whom she claims is transgender, receiving a puberty-blocking implant in the arm.

This is what the boy's mom shared on Facebook:

Today, this kid showed her strength once again. Today, she did something that was hard and scary. Today, she made herself proud.⁣

Today, Rebekah had her second surgical procedure to place a hormone blocking implant in her arm to prevent her from progressing farther into puberty. This is one example of what medically appropriate, medically necessary, life-affirming, and often literally life-saving treatment looks like for a transgender child.

This was a replacement implant, as she first had this procedure two years ago.⁣ The first picture is her two years ago, and the second is today. 

With news of further discrimination out of the White House spreading and GOP lawmakers in multiples states trying to prohibit gender-affirming, life-saving care like this for minors, I’m immensely grateful for my child’s medical care. EVERY kid deserves access to that care. We must fight those who want to prevent kids like her from living the lives they deserve,” the post reads. “ALLIES, we need you. Pay attention. Speak up. Stop the spread of misinformation. This is not abuse. This is allowing my child to live her best life.⁣”

This is not the way an individual lives their best life. Doing irreversible harm to a child that will haunt them for the rest of their life is terribly tragic. And the minister should be ashamed of himself as well as defrocked from the ministry. The minister’s wife should have given the child counseling not encouraged a gender change or puberty-blocking surgery.

This is America, sure and everyone has the right to do or say whatever they want as an adult. But we should be protecting our children from these delusions.