California Threatens to Shut Off Electricity on Thanksgiving After Banning Holiday

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of California! Where they will cut off your electricity on purpose, on Thanksgiving, and tell you it’s for your own good.

It’s almost as though you’re hearing about how tyrannical some world leader is in some third-world country run by an evil dictator.

Thanksgiving is an American tradition that’s so important to Californians that deliberately causing a power outage on the day itself is like grabbing something comforting to celebrate in a season wherein there is not much to celebrate.

The first bad news that came out is California Governor Gavin Newsom himself announcing that gatherings on Thanksgiving will be prohibited. This announced power outage is like finishing off the kill.

Strong winds are forecast to prevail on Thanksgiving and would likely extend up to Friday evening, said Taelor Bakewell, spokeswoman for Southern California Edison. This is to prevent electrical wires from touching off deadly blazes that have plagued the state in recent years.

Bloomberg reported,

Edison International could cut power to some Southern California homes and businesses on Thanksgiving as strong winds are forecast to return to the rain-deprived region.

The utility owner hasn’t determined how many customers could be affected by the outages, intended to prevent power lines from sparking wildfires during the gusts. Power would likely be out until Friday evening, Southern California Edison spokeswoman Taelor Bakewell said. The state’s utilities have resorted to preemptively cutting power after electrical lines touched off a series of deadly blazes in recent years.

They want to claim that it’s because of strong winds that could risk causing fires, but since when are homes just spontaneously combusting due to strong winds? They’re going to be in for a very hefty lawsuit if they cut off power deliberately, especially if they’re doing it on Thanksgiving. But I don’t expect anything less from California or Gov. Newsom.