California Mom Defends Daughter From Bullies, Then Gets Beaten Up Instead

A California mom was just trying to do the right thing by protecting her teenage daughter from being bullied and ended up becoming the victim in an incident with the bullies.

Maria Jimenez’s daughter was being bullied by some violent classmates and her mom was trying to defend her. But when the mom showed up at the school, the bullies were there waiting and beat up the mom instead.

According to SFGate,

A Union City woman who was on her way to the principal’s office at James Logan High School to report that her daughter was being bullied says she was brutally attacked on campus by two teenage girls.

According to multiple reports, Maria Guadalupe Jimenez was hospitalized for two days with broken bones after the teens beat her up outside the school.

Earlier this week, Jimenez, her husband, Eder Rojas, and their teen daughter went to the school to complain to the principal that students were bullying the 16-year-old. But before they could go through the front door, they say were confronted and then assaulted by two teenage girls, at least one of whom goes to the school. Rojas said he that when he protected his daughter, the attackers turned on his wife.

“They want to hit my daughter but … they couldn’t get there so they grabbed my wife,” Rojas told KRON 4. He said that when he tried to pull the teens off his wife, his daughter was hit.

“They started screaming at us, ‘What you wanna do? Who’s going to fight first,’” said parent Eder Rojas. “They want to hit my daughter but I cover a lot that they didn’t they couldn’t get there so they grabbed my wife. She has the bones broken right here, she has the eyes all red a bump here.”

“The girl was very furious, they grabbed by the hair and dragged me,” said Jimenez.

The teen girls punched and kicked Jimenez repeatedly in the face, bloodying her eye, breaking several bones, and knocking her unconscious.

At least one of the girls was a student at the school.

“The girl was very furious,” Jimenez later told KGO through a translator. “They grabbed [me] by the hair and dragged me.

When Rojas jumped in to yank the girls off of his wife, at least one of the teens struck his daughter.

Union City police responded to the school and placed one juvenile under arrest for battery with serious bodily injury, the San Francisco Gate reported.

Rojas told KRON that his wife was bleeding everywhere when he went over and picked her up off of the ground.

Jimenez was hospitalized for two days after the brutal attack, the San Francisco Gate reported.

There has been a Go Fund Me page for her medical expenses if you want to consider donating.

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