BUSTED: DNC Caught Faking Kamala Supporters After Speech

This year's Democratic National Convention has been one of the most cringe-worthy things to see this year.

All of the liberals are trying to pass off the idea that they're scared for their lives from the coronavirus and that they're the good guys during this pandemic.

On top of that, they're holding the convention in an arena that is almost entirely empty.

While Kamala Harris was delivering her speech at the DNC, Harris has a screen behind her which was supposed to be 30 Democratic voters (all women, of course) from New Jersey.

Upon closer inspection, you can see that there aren't 30 people there. Sure there are 30 screens, but some of them are just the video streams of the same people. They're duplicates!

The Daily Caller reported,

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) appeared to duplicate some of its livestream crowd members after California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris’ speech Wednesday evening.

Harris ended Wednesday’s virtual DNC with a roughly 17-minute speech about her history and racism in America today, The New York Times reported. Harris also spoke about why Americans should vote for former Vice President Joe Biden, saying that he “will bring us together.”

After her speech, the DNC panned to a virtual crowd clapping and cheering for Harris and Biden, who joined his running mate on stage. Three of these individuals were shown more than once.

Do you mean to tell me that they couldn't even find 30 Democrat women to live stream the event?

The incredibly awkward waving and pointing lasted far too long. Then top it all off, Joe Biden comes out and stands about 8-10 feet away from Kamala Harris and just holds his arms up like he's going to embrace her. She does the same and we're left with one of the most awkward moments in the entire event.

Take a look at the video and you'll see.

The Democrats are only fooling themselves. They seem convinced that they've got this election in the bag, but they're in for a rude awakening in a couple of months.

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