BREAKING! Pandemic Scientist Says His Team Found Cure for COVID-19

It looks like we're finally getting a bit of news out of California after seeing how hard that they've been hit by the coronavirus.

A team of scientists in California is confident that they have discovered a cure for the COVID-19 virus.

If you've watched the show "Pandemic" on Netflix then you've probably seen the head doctor leading the team. His name is Dr. Jacob Glanville.

What Dr. Glanville and his team did was took some old antibodies used against SARS and engineered them to do the same thing to COVID-19.

Dr. Glanville did an interview and the news station provided some questions and answers about the cure.

How did you come up with this potential cure?

We took a series of five antibodies from around 2002 that were able to neutralize SARS. We were able to use technology in our laboratories to evolve those antibodies against SARS to adapt them to recognize COVID-19.

We tried with five different antibodies because we weren’t sure which one would work the best. All five worked so we have a pretty powerful tool chest available to us right now to produce a final therapeutic.

Would the drug be a shot? Or a pill? 

We think we will be able to deliver it as a shot. We’ve been deliberately trying to engineer extremely potent antibodies because if they’re potent you need less material and then you could give it as an injection.

Will you be doing the trials on sick patients in the United States? 

This is a conversation we’re having with the United States government on exactly where the study is being done. We're also talking to the European Commission.

We want to make sure when we’re ready to release this we’re ready to release it to the entire world.

What is the next step?

We are sending [the antibodies] to the military for confirmation testing and to Charles River Laboratories for safety and tox characterization. We’ve partnered with two different companies that will help us scale up large batches of the antibody for production. We're in discussions to start humane phase one/two trials that would happen at the end of the summer.

Pending good results – [if] we see the drug is safe and helpful means we could start releasing it for compassionate use in September.


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