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BREAKING: Hidden Video Shows CNN Senior Staffers Caught Bashing Own Network, “We No Longer Report The News” [MUST WATCH]

You probably know them well by now, but the conservative activist group known as Project Veritas has been releasing batches of secretly recorded video footage exposing CNN as the garbage network that they are.

The hidden videos were filmed by Cary Poarch, a former CNN employee who worked at the network for over two years.

In the videos, Poarch secretly records multiple CNN employees at higher levels confirming their bias and how completely anti-Trump they really are, that they make up news stories, and how the House Democrats accuse Trump of “abusing power” but goes on to say that they abuse their power much worse every single day.

One of the most revealing is a discussion with Patrick Davis who is the manager of field ops at CNN.

Patrick Davis: “What’s crazy to me is Obama was caught on camera…”

Poarch: “With the Russian thing…”

Davis: “Yes! ‘Wait ’til I get into office and I have more room to negotiate…

Poarch: “Flexibility.”

Davis: “‘I have more flexibility’ and I’m going, holy sh*t. I’m going with…”

Poarch: “And I voted for the man.”

Davis: But then Trump’s getting hammered for twisting an arm, you know what I mean? It’s, I don’t know man; he (Trump) has survived everything up to this point…”

Poarch: “It’s crazy right?”

Davis: “Bill Clinton survived getting his d**k sucked under a table, you know what I’m saying? My guess is the House is crazy enough to go through wit hit and they’re starting it. Everyone’s trying to do this from a ‘holier than thou perspective’ like, ‘Oh, he abused his power.’ Those a**holes, those 500 a**holes up there, abuse their freaking power every day. They do this sh*t every fricking day.

Poarch: “For thirty years.”

Davis: “What he was doing was nothing compared to what these a**holes are doing on a daily basis, right?”


There is no further evidence needed…CNN is fake news and all they want to do is create controversy.