BREAKING: Bernie Sanders BUSTED Hiding Life Threatening Health Problems

President of the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Richard Kovacs who is very well respected, said that Bernie Sanders is at serious risk of suffering from some major heart complications very soon.

The doctor makes the evaluation partly due to his left ventricular ejection fraction which measures the volume of blood pumped into each heartbeat.

“Normally the heart will push out 60 percent. If you go down to 40 or 50 percent, we regard that as mild impairment of the left ventricle. Thirty to 40 percent would be moderate. If you get to 30 percent, that would be severe” said Kovacs.

Since his heart issues began, Sanders has refused to release more medical information. He knows that it would be disastrous to his campaign.

“I think we have released a detailed medical report, and I’m comfortable on what we have done,” 78-year-old Sanders exclaims.

The video below shows details about not very long ago when Bernie started having his heart issues and in which the doctors said he had a heart attack.

According to Breitbart,

Despite Kovacs’ comments, Sanders has refused to provide additional information about his health after releasing what the senator claimed was a “comprehensive” medical records report.

Questions about Sanders’ health have lingered ever since he checked into a Las Vegas hospital with chest discomfort on Oct. 1 and had two stents inserted.

His campaign did not acknowledge that he had suffered a heart attack until his release several days later. After pledging to divulge a detailed accounting of his well-being, the campaign waited until New Year’s Eve to put out letters from three doctors attesting to his health — a move traditionally deployed to avoid scrutiny.

Fellow 2020 Democrat candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had two stents inserted into his heart in 2000, though he did not have a cardiac episode.

“He’s released as much or more than any other candidate on that stage, released a letter from the attending physician of the U.S. Capitol, who has been his doctor for 29 years. You know, this is not one of those Trump-rent-a-doctors — this is the attending physician at the U.S. Capitol — and two leading cardiologists who have had him under their care. All of them say he is fully able to handle the rigors of the presidency,”

“I think any of you who follow him on the campaign trail know that he can handle the rigors of that probably better than many of us standing here,” Jeff Weaver, a top adviser to Sanders stated.

This really is a big deal for Bernie because being the President of the country is an extremely demanding and stressful job and frankly, I don't think that he can handle it. I honestly think he would be either dead or out of commission before his 4 years would be up.

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