BREAKING: AG Barr and IG Horowitz Disagree Over Key Detail In Russia Investigation

In less than a week, the report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will be released. In the meantime, Attorney General William Barr has been looking over it and the findings and there is something in it that he disagrees with Horowitz on.

The key finding that Barr disagrees with is Horowitz's conclusion that the FBI had sufficient evidence to launch a full investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016. I'd really be interested in learning how it is that Horowitz thinks that false information is enough to investigate the Trump campaign.

According to The Daily Wire,

“Barr has not been swayed by Horowitz’s rationale for concluding the FBI had sufficient basis to open an investigation on July 31, 2016,” The Post continued. “The attorney general has privately contended that Horowitz does not have enough information to reach the conclusion the FBI had enough details in hand at the time to justify opening such a probe. He argues that other U.S. agencies, such as the CIA, may hold significant information that could alter Horowitz’s conclusion on that point, according to the people familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.”

Back in October of this year, the investigation turned into a criminal investigation as a result of all the evidence that had come to the surface.

According to CNN,“Horowitz turned over evidence on the allegedly altered document to John Durham, the federal prosecutor appointed early this year by Attorney General William Barr to conduct a broad investigation of intelligence gathered for the Russia probe by the CIA and other agencies, including the FBI. The altered document is also at least one focus of Durham’s criminal probe.”

It's still early and I still believe that there was a good reason for the probe turning into a criminal investigation. I would imagine that we will begin seeing arrests in the near future.