BOOM! Don Jr. Goes On The View and DESTROYS Whoopi and Joy Behar In Heated Debate

The woman from ABC's The View have been doing some political segments on the show this week and the most recent one got very heated very quickly.

I've got to give it to Don Jr., he took the task of walking into enemy territory to defend his father and set the record straight on many areas. Of course, it doesn't matter to the co-hosts because they're so dead set on hating the President that nothing he says register anyway. They only hear what they want to here.

But Don Jr. wasn't going to go easy on them. In a matter of seconds, he lit a fire under both Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar when he accused Behar of wearing blackface (which she did) and reminded Whoopi that she said Roman Polanski's sexual assault on a minor wasn't really rape.

“We've all done things that we regret. Joy, you have worn blackface. Whoopi, you said that Roman Polanski… it wasn’t 'rape-rape,' when he raped a child," said Don Jr.

Goldberg snapped back: “Now that you’ve broken this piece of ice, because I guess it is the fight you wanted…are you questioning my character?”

“I’m not questioning your character. I’m talking about, you’re questioning my father’s character and I say we all have done and said things,” Trump Jr. said before being interrupted by Goldberg.

Behar, an outspoken critic of President Trump, denied wearing blackface. However, Trump Jr. tweeted a 2016 clip showing Behar admitting she wore the offending getup along with a picture of her in the costume. Earlier this year, footage of Behar dressed up as a “beautiful African woman” was resurfaced by TheWrap amid a series of blackface scandals making national headlines. (Fox News)

Don Jr. later proved the accuracy of what he said by tweeted proof of both accusations he made against them. He walks the walk.