BOOM! Antifa Terrorist Who Bombed Federal Agents in Portland – BY HIS GRANDMOTHER!

One good thing about Antifa, is that they are complete idiots.

They are terrorists who cause a lot of damage, but they’re so stupid that they end up blowing themselves up, shooting themselves, or getting themselves caught.

Earlier this week, a man was identified and arrested because he was going around committing arson shirtless. Well, tattoos can be very telling, especially when they are your own name!

But sometimes, they’re not the only stupid ones.

One Antifa terrorist was seen on video throwing some sort of explosive at the federal courthouse in Portland which has been under protection from federal agents.

Take a look:

Here it is from another angle:

This was actually something different than what has been happening before. Rioters have been throwing Molotov cocktails and shooting fireworks, but this was an actual explosive designed to cause damage.

Well, this punk was outed…by his own grandmother!

I don’t think that it was intentional, but maybe she did do it intentionally.

If you look at the man closely, he has been seen wearing a vest. This vest was actually purchased for him by his grandmother at Hibbett Sports. How do we know that? Because she left a review for the vest…with a photo of him wearing it!

Here is what the review said.

Fast shipping, Great Vest

I got this for my grandson who’s a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says its [sic] does the job.

Owned this product for: Less than 1 month
Use this product: Daily
Incentivized Review: Yes

Yes, I recommend this product.


One Twitter user said,

“shocking twist. The guy who threw an IED at the portland courthouse was identified in a review by his grandma who bought his gear. This might be the most embarrassing defeat of antifa yet. Grandmas lil revolutionary. Retweet for luls. Archive “

*The original tweet has since been deleted.

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