BLM Harasses Elderly Diners in Pittsburgh, Chugs Down Their Drink and Says 'F White People'

Black Lives Matter "protesters" are running over lawful Americans everywhere. In Pittsburgh an elderly couple is harrassed while they try to enjoy a meal.

While the mainstream media pretend this is "peaceful protesting," these rioters are invading people's space and making their life a living hell.

In this video BLM protesters call white people "an embarrassment" and tell them "f*ck the white people." Someone even walks up and chugs the drink of the elderly couple.

Then there was the incident in Rochester, New York where BLM protesters completely trashed restaurants and harrassed diners.

What is the end game here? What does harassing innocent people trying to enjoy dinner do to help their cause?

You won't see this type of story appearing on the national news. Instead they are sticking to their story that everything is okay and these protests are "peaceful."

The only positive is events like this are happening in battleground states and causing people to band together against the left. These rioters all oppose Trump so those on the left continue to pretend things like this aren't happening.

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