Black Lives Matter Hold "Protest Party" Outside Man's House, One of Them Gets Arrested

Cities that are under Democratic leadership seem that they are doomed to fail.

It may not come right away, but in due time, they shall fall and this is exactly what we're seeing right now in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, and many other cities.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists are continually breaking the law and these cities are just letting it happen. If no one is stopping them, why would they ever stop? There is no incentive to quit committing crimes in their eyes.

Now, the "Justice Tour 2020" and their leader "Milwaukee's Malcolm X" has been not just "protesting" outside of the homes of Trump supporters, but they have been doxxing them as well posting their phone numbers, addresses, and calling for Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists to show up outside of their homes.

And even now, the page is still up and the information is still being shared on Facebook and they're not doing anything about it.

In fact, they showed up outside the home of one man who grabbed a gun and stayed inside his house with it, though it was seen through the window.

That's when the "protesters" called the police and wouldn't you know it, they arrested the man inside of his own home.

The whole thing was live-streamed and it's quite obvious that they trespassed onto his property.

“They went specifically to his house to protest him for ‘being a racist.’ The homeowner was arrested, and the crowd remains outside. They seem to have gone on his property. WTF Milwaukee?” Kitty Shackleford, a Twitter user that archives riot footage, tweeted along with videos.

The crowd erupted in cheers when he was escorted from his home by police.

This is what happens when liberals are allowed to run governments and when police aren't allowed to do their jobs.

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