Biden Makes A Big MISTAKE And Picks On The Wrong Person

It's getting to be crunch time for Joe Biden. If he doesn't win South Carolina he's likely done for.

This is very likely his last chance to gain some traction before Super Tuesday. Well, this may not have been the right move, but he decided to go after former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley thinking she would be an easy target.

He was dead wrong. Reporter Lovegrove tweeted about Biden bashing Haley.

Biden has started criticizing @NikkiHaley more directly in South Carolina recently for declining to expand Medicaid here.

In Georgetown, he appears to start saying she “didn’t have the brains” before stopping himself and changing it to “foresight” because he wants to “be polite”

Haley fired right back at Biden, “Hold up Joe. I will put my brain up against yours anytime. Bring it. .”

Biden’s image could not handle the hurt that Haley would bring, so I doubt that he will ever take her up on that offer. He has been making so many gaffes recently that you have to question his mental faculties. Despite his numerous blunders he is still leading the polls in South Carolina.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on Monday are polling neck-and-neck in South Carolina, just days before the Democrats are set to battle in the state’s Saturday primary.

Biden has the support of 27 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in South Carolina, Monday’s NBC News/Marist poll shows, with Sanders following close behind at 23 percent. The difference between the two candidates falls within the poll’s margin of error of 6 percentage points.”

Biden is lucky that Haley is going so easy on him. But maybe she just feels like she doesn’t need to stoop to his level, as Biden is doing more damage to his own campaign than Hale could ever do, almost every time he opens his mouth.

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