Bernie Sanders Speaks to Tiny Crowd for Biden Campaign, Gets Interrupted After Trump Supporter Covers Him With Trump Flag

It's starting to look more convincing that President Trump is going to win over New Hampshire in the election next month.

For some reason, failed candidate and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders is out there campaigning for Joe Biden, even if nobody shows up.

Sanders tried speaking at a very small rally, so small, in fact, that it honestly looked like no one was even interested in listening to him speak.

One Trump supporter immediately waved a Trump flag right in front of Sanders to show him that she does not care what he says about Biden and Harris. Of course, this abruptly ends the speech of Bernie Sanders. He felt so disrespected that he leaves the rally and moves forward to another place.

Bernie Sanders knows he did not lose much when he got disrespected by the Trump supporter. He is confident he can still support the Democratic candidates as there is still a lot of time leading up to the elections next month. He knows Trump can't get sympathy votes after getting the coronavirus.

The Trump supporter did not let the Bider supporters stop her from showing her support for Trump. She wants to deliver a message to Sanders that New Hampshire is not the place to hold a small rally.

While the Biden supporters were trying to figure out how to stop the Trump supporter, Sanders' speech was already over. It did not bother Sanders too much as he still has a long list of places to go to and show his support for Biden and Harris.

Now I'm sure Biden and Harris appreciate Bernie's weak efforts, it's not likely going to be enough to win over the state in this upcoming election. At this point, I don't think that there is anything that the President can do to lose the election and I don't think that Biden can do anything to win at this point with the exception of kicking Harris to the curb.

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