Ben Carson's Latest Actions Against Corruption Has The Swamp Trembling with Fear

With Ben Carson now serving as the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) things are finally looking better for the agency.

One of the biggest – if not the biggest – problems over the past couple of decades has been a lack of accountability and deep corruption. If you've ever had to deal with them in the past then you'll know what I mean.

With all the money that they send to various cities and states it's been an almost impossible task to keep up with all the money. Their accounting has been so terrible that if this were anything other than a government agency they would have been shut down a long time ago and probably had many people imprisoned.

Carson is changing all of that and he's started by hiring a partner from one of the "Big Four" accounting firms to track the grants and to make sure they account for how the money was spent.

HUD hasn't even had a CFO in more than 10 years. Obama must not have cared at all where the money was. Who knows, he may have pocketed some of it himself.

From The Daily Caller

It’s been a year since Dr. Ben Carson was confirmed as Secretary for Housing and Urban Development. For most of its existence HUD is the cabinet-level agency probably best known for management challenges and the occasional corruption scandal involving local government officials abusing funds.

Liberals love HUD, because it hands out billions of dollars in the name of social justice. Not coincidentally, the money is often hard to account for, which is why it often ends up in the pocket of corrupt officials.

HUD has a long history of mismanagement and neglect. The agency’s financial statements are such a mess that the agency’s own Inspector General couldn’t complete an internal audit of the agency’s books. In fact, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report in 2016, based on numerous HUD IG and GAO audits over a 15-year period, in which it reported that the agency failed to implement multiple financial accountability recommendations. Additionally, the agency seemingly ignored recommendations to dedicate staff and implement and enforce policies to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.