Beijing Biden Gets Drowned Out By Trump Supporters During Speech

Why Joe Biden is still going out and holding events makes no sense to me whatsoever. There is literally no point in him holding these events.

At each event that he holds, there is almost nobody there, and when I say that I really do mean that there aren't many people there. Maybe there is a dozen or two dozen, but it doesn't really get bigger than that.

Just recently his campaign had to make an excuse as to why no one was present in Arizona. They told reporters that they didn't want too many people there.

Let's think this through for a moment.

What is the purpose of going out and campaigning at all? Isn't it to raise support? Isn't it to try and gain voted for the upcoming election? If these are accurate and they're truly not wanting people to show up at the events, they what do they actually think that they're accomplishing?

Also, with these tiny meetings, he opens himself up to all sorts of antics from Trump supporters. I can't say whether I always agree with what they do, but they're entertaining at the least.

Just recently in Toledo, Ohio, the former Vice President was giving a speech. In all honesty, it looks like he was giving the speech to a parking lot.

But while he was giving the speech to make sure everyone knows that he's running for the U.S. Senate, and to visit a website that doesn't even exist.

But while he was giving his speech, there were some Trump supporters nearby who let ol' Sleepy Joe know how they felt about him in Ohio.

Supporters for President Trump drowned out Biden's speech with chants of “four more years,” “Trump!” and “USA!” throughout the entire event.

What was hilarious was that every time Biden mentioned Trump in the speech, the chants grew louder.

A reckoning is coming and it is only three weeks away. But don't expect to be able to celebrate too soon, you know they're going to be counting ballots for weeks and trying to rig the system.

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